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The Prince Pierre Foundation of Monaco Season 2024

Today marks the beginning of the new season of the Foundation with cinema, music, humanities, literature, and much more.
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Immagine The Prince Pierre Foundation of Monaco Season 2024

A new season dedicated to Art in all its forms, from inspiration to creation. Music, cinema, humanities, literature, plastic arts, and performing arts… a multitude of experiences to discover with the Prince Pierre Foundation, in Monaco, Strasbourg, Brussels, and Paris.

In Monaco, at 6:30 PM at the Théâtre des Variétés Monday, January 22: Bruno MANTOVANI, composer and conductor


Pure music and opera: the question of inspiration For this conference, Bruno Mantovani invites us into his universe by evoking the various sources of inspiration that nourish his work. Through the listening and viewing of diverse excerpts, he places his production in a historical perspective, emphasizing the relationship between his works and those of eminent colleagues from the past, as well as the importance of choosing librettos for his scenic operas. He also discusses other artistic disciplines close to his heart, from architecture to literature, including gastronomy.

Monday, January 29: The LARRIEU brothers, directors, and screenwriters Master class “Sort of spaces” interviewed by Jacques Kermabon, film critic.


In their early practices, cinema was the idea of leaving home with a camera to film the vast spaces of the mountains, then returning home to project the captured images on the walls. Cinema as a window piercing the familiarity of interior walls to introduce a point of escape, a meeting place…,” Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu. Since their early short films, the importance of spaces in which their plots unfold, a way of considering nature as an unpredictable force, like the circulation of desire that animates their characters, outlines the main forces of their largely hedonistic cinema. The conference is organized in partnership with the Monaco Audiovisual Institute.

Monday, March 18: Eva JOSPIN, visual artist Creating Her Follies: from the Forest to the Cave.


What kind of stroll does Eva Jospin invite us to? “My forest is entirely mental. It is not figurative. It reflects human concerns: the idea of getting lost or finding oneself, our relationship with childhood in stories like Bambi or Hansel and Gretel, to archaic fears… My forests are conducive to mental escape.” A graduate of the École supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, winner of the Academy of Fine Arts Prize in Paris, and a resident of the Villa Medici, Eva Jospin regularly exhibits forest and architectural landscapes worldwide, developed through various media. Her artistic work engages in a dialogue with the exhibition spaces that host it, creating an experience between memory, material, and imagination through sometimes precious, sometimes deprecated materials.

Monday, March 25: BARTABAS, horseman, choreographer, author of Creation: from live to written.

Exceptional horseman, choreographer, director, writer, and filmmaker, Bartabas has invented a unique form of live performance: Equestrian Theater, combining equestrian art, dance, music, and comedy. In 1984, he founded his company, the Zingaro Equestrian Theater, which moved to Fort d’Aubervilliers in 1989: his creations are each time events that mark their era and triumph worldwide.

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