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Free WiFi in Monaco: How to Access It

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Immagine Free WiFi in Monaco: How to Access It

Particularly advantageous for visitors, Monaco WiFi has been operational since 2017, providing free connectivity outside residences, hotels, and restaurants within the Principality.

According to Christophe Pierre, Director of Platforms and Digital Resources (DPRN) within the Interministerial Delegation for Digital Transition, the main objective is to ensure tourists have access to the internet to find information about places to eat, discover available activities, and navigate the territory.


There are approximately 70 access points distributed throughout Monaco, roughly one every 200 meters. These are represented by awnings with strategically positioned digital screens in the most touristy areas of the Principality, such as post offices, Place du Casino, Place d’Armes, Place de la Visitation, Place des Moulins, the tourist office, and the Oceanographic Museum.

The complete list of access points is available on the Your Monaco app, under the “Explorer” section, as well as on all touchscreen terminals installed in the Principality. During the summer, Monaco Telecom, in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Conferences, provides specific information to tourists about Monaco WiFi to help them locate different access points.


It is important to note that the eastern part of Monaco, especially the Larousse/Saint Roman neighborhood, has less extensive WiFi coverage. However, Christophe Pierre assures that the network will expand further with the addition of new access points in the future Îlot Pasteur and Jardin Exotique areas.

However, it is essential to understand that this network is designed as a support and is not intended for intensive activities, such as 4K video streaming. Its main function is to enable city navigation, access to information, emails, and the ability to send messages on platforms like WhatsApp. Although it can be used for professional purposes, the network’s power is not comparable to that of a home or corporate connection.


To connect, one simply needs to identify the network and open a web page for connection. Monaco Telecom internet customers must enter their login details on the portal, while tourists and commuters can use their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or fill out a form.

After registration, it is possible to browse freely on all devices, whether phones or computers, regardless of the operating system. The previously existing connection limit was removed three years ago, allowing users to stay connected all day. However, it is necessary to reconnect the following day. The number of simultaneous connections varies from 100 to 200 throughout the territory, with peaks of 250 on certain days. The networks are designed for occasional use, allowing multiple people to connect simultaneously without delay issues. The security of users’ personal data is guaranteed, as the service is registered with the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives (CCIN). Authorities recommend using this public network, compliant with Monaco Telecom and the Principality Government’s standards, rather than public networks in bars, for example, which may pose a less secure access point in users’ phones and computers.

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