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The museums to visit in Monte Carlo.

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Immagine The museums to visit in Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo, in addition to its luxury reputation, also boasts a rich cultural scene evident in its museums that offer a fascinating immersion into history, art, and culture. Here is an overview of the most relevant museums in the Principality of Monaco.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Dominating the skyline with its impressive structure, the Oceanographic Museum is a cultural gem. It houses an extensive collection of marine artifacts, interactive exhibits, and an incredible aquarium that provides a close-up look at marine life.


National Museum of Monaco

Located in the Prince’s Palace, the National Museum takes you on a journey through the history of the Principality. Its collection includes paintings, sculptures, and historical objects that narrate the events of Monte Carlo and the royal families that have ruled there.

New National Museum of Monaco (NMNM)

The NMNM is dedicated to modern and contemporary art. With two locations, Villa Paloma and Villa Sauber, the museum features rotating exhibitions of international artists and promotes contemporary creativity through educational and cultural programs.


Monaco Automobile Museum

For vintage car enthusiasts, this museum is a paradise. It hosts an extraordinary collection of vehicles ranging from elegant models of the 1920s to modern racing cars, telling the story of automotive history with style.

Meta Gallery

Located in the heart of Monte Carlo, Meta Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art. The gallery collaborates with both emerging and established artists, creating a bridge between artistic history and contemporary avant-garde.


The museums of Monte Carlo offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in the cultural and artistic riches of this fascinating destination.

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