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Exploring the French Riviera. La Gaude

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Immagine Exploring the French Riviera. La Gaude

Among hills and valleys, La Gaude is a site occupied since ancient Roman times, as evidenced by the remains found on-site. The town developed during the Middle Ages but suffered many disasters over the centuries, such as a plague epidemic in the second half of the 15th century. The arrival of running water in the early 20th century transformed the face of this ancient village, propelling it towards modernity.

Full of charm, La Gaude continues to attract visitors for its typical landscapes, but also for its architectural and cultural heritage that never fails to captivate.


In the narrow streets of this charming Provençal village, you can discover the living ecomuseum of Provence. Unique in its kind, this site has everything from Noah’s Ark for reptiles and insects. Founded in the 1980s by a Danish entomologist, it allows you to appreciate the local fauna through guided tours.

You can admire the engraved Roman Cenotaph dating back to the 3rd century AD, dedicated to the decurion of Vence, Cremonius Albucus. Not to be missed is the Chapel of Saint Angelo, decorated with frescoes by Alexis Obolensky and stained glass by Alain Peinado.