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The 2 euro coin from the Principality of Monaco worth 4000 euros.

How much is the rare 2 euro coin featuring Grace Kelly worth?
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Immagine The 2 euro coin from the Principality of Monaco worth 4000 euros.

It’s time to carefully inspect your wallet, the home coin tray, or any place where you usually toss your coins. Among them, a small treasure could be hidden, especially if it’s a two-euro coin.

In particular, some national central banks of Eurozone countries issue special limited-edition coins that over time gain significant value. Among these, a particular coin stands out today and can be worth up to 4,000 euros. It’s from the year 2007 when in the Principality of Monaco, only 20,000 two-euro coins were minted to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Grace Kelly.


Over the next seven years, only 20,000 pieces were introduced to the market, one of which was gifted to the princess’s son, Prince Albert II. The uniqueness of this commemorative series lies in its extreme rarity, further increasing the value of these Monaco two-euro coins. Between 2007 and 2014, when they were still in production, they were sold at an average price of 120 euros. Today, their value can even reach 4,000 euros.

Moneta da 2 euro per il 25° anniversario della morte di Grace Kelly


This coin featuring Grace Kelly is considered one of the rarest among two-euro coins.

Finding an authentic specimen is extremely difficult due to the widespread presence of online counterfeits. Currently, the original two euros dedicated to Princess Kelly rarely appear in international auctions. Other series of two-euro coins from Monaco, such as those created for the 800th anniversary of the construction of the first castle on the rock, have also reached exceptional values, exceeding 3,000 euros.

Before selling rare coins, it’s essential to understand their value through thorough research. Elements such as the minting year, country of origin, rarity, condition, and market demand influence the value. Consulting specialized books, numismatic magazines, and reliable websites is recommended, as well as engaging numismatic experts or collectors for an accurate evaluation.


To get the best price, finding the right buyers is crucial. This can be done by selling to private collectors, specialized dealers, or participating in auctions dedicated to rare coins. Selling to private collectors may take more time but can guarantee a higher price. On the other hand, specialized dealers offer a quicker solution, although the price may be potentially lower. Participating in specific auctions allows reaching a broad audience of potential buyers, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the final price.