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The 8th International Fantastic Film Festival of Menton 2024

All the biggest names in the genre will gather from October 31 to November 3, 2024, in Menton.
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Immagine The 8th International Fantastic Film Festival of Menton 2024

From October 31 to November 3, the 8th International Fantastic Film Festival of Menton 2024 will take place at the Palais de l’Europe – Théâtre Francis Palmero.

Last year, the festival recorded incredible figures, with over 46,500 spectators on the website and social networks, 1,184 films screened, and 93 nations represented.

With each edition, the number of professionals involved doubles. Over the years, the festival has become a must-attend event for cinema and television enthusiasts due to its professionalism and sense of savoir-vivre.

An event open to all types of artists, whether they are actors, directors, producers, composers, or audiovisual technicians.

At the Fantastic Film Festival of Menton, you can discover the best current science fiction films in an exceptional setting, the Palais d’Europe, a magnificent Italian-style theater with 800 seats.

For more information and reservations: Movies | Festival international du film fantastique de Menton | France (

Did you know?

The fantasy genre is characterized by its setting in an “other” world. We are on Earth but in an undefined time and geography. Magic and those who practice it play a fundamental role. It differs from science fiction, which claims to have a scientific or parascientific basis and relies on a precise, albeit futuristic, chronology. It distinguishes itself from the fantasy genre because it does not have a setting belonging to our everyday world. In fantasy films, there is ample space for an imaginary medieval setting with wizards, witches, kings, and knights, although films inspired by other historical periods are not lacking. Audiences are captivated by the invention of imaginary worlds, whose mechanisms are often described in detail, and extraordinary characters, whose stories somehow hark back to the time when fairy tales were appreciated.

In cinema, there have been two successful moments for these films with two different sub-genres: sword and sorcery in the 1980s and high fantasy in the 2000s.