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Restored the Oratoire de la Pointe Croisette of Cannes.

In accordance with the association "Les Amis des Oratoires
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Immagine Restored the Oratoire de la Pointe Croisette of Cannes.

In collaboration with the association “Les Amis des Oratoires”, the municipality of Cannes has undertaken the restoration of the Oratoire de la Pointe Croisette. This intervention has not only embellished the structure but also reinforced it, considering its exposure to the elements and climate variations.

The Oratoire de la Pointe Croisette, erected at the beginning of the last century and located at the end of the municipal parking lot of Palm Beach, is a testimony to the history and identity of Cannes.


Rebuilt in 2010, it includes a small cross, called “crouseto” in Provençal, which was once erected in this place and attracted pilgrims heading to the abbey of Saint-Honorat island. In 1871, it inspired the name of the famous Boulevard de la Croisette, known worldwide today.

Standing almost 3 meters tall, the Oratoire de la Pointe Croisette is particularly exposed to winds, rain, and heat, and had some damages before the intervention, such as cracks, corroded steel, flaked coating, damaged tiles, and cornice.


The works, lasting four weeks, included cleaning with high-pressure jet, extraction of salt embedded in concrete, shoring up the upper part of the building for the reconstruction of the four pillars, replacement of old steels with stainless steel, reconstruction of twisted moldings and cornices, replacement of tiles with more resistant granite, resumption of coatings, brushing of the cross to restore its metallic shine, and placement of the informative plaque.