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Inaugural Underwater Photography Championship ‘Blue Trophy’ in Roquebrune Cap-Martin

Patrick Cesari, the Mayor of Roquebrune Cap-Martin, Emphasizes the Protection of Marine Environments during the First 'Blue Trophy' Underwater Photography Contest, Hoping for the Establishment of a Marine Protected Area and a Maritime Brigade
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Immagine Inaugural Underwater Photography Championship ‘Blue Trophy’ in Roquebrune Cap-Martin

The city of Roquebrune Cap-Martin provided the backdrop for the first underwater photography contest “Blue Trophy,” held on Sunday, May 12th.

Mayor Patrick Cesari, accompanied by numerous elected representatives, expressed his gratitude to the event organizers: the CoDep 06 of the FFESSM, the Department of Maritime Alps, the Télémaque diving club, and all the participants.


During his address, he emphasized the importance of protecting marine environments, discussing the possibility of establishing a marine protected area and organizing a maritime brigade in the coming summer to strengthen the safeguarding of the seabeds at Cap Martin.

The photographs presented during the contest showcased the beauty of the underwater landscapes in the area. The winners of this inaugural edition were announced as follows:


• 1st prize: David Roger and Jean François Guidi • 2nd prize: Benjamin Raffin and Laetitia Gauthier • 3rd prize: Christian Gelpi and Christine Leherquier • Municipality Prize: Shannon Tissot and Thierry Fouihac • Lightning Strike Prize: Benjamin Raffin and Laetitia Gauthier

The ceremony concluded with a reception to celebrate the efforts and successes of all participants.


Undoubtedly, this first edition marks the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the beauty and conservation of the marine environment in the region.

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