Pubblicato il 5 March 2024 da Redazione in Nice

Grotte du Lazaret: A Journey into Prehistory in Nice

Grâce à une projection en 3D, il est possible de vivre une immersion totale dans la préhistoire, explorant les origines et l'évolution d'un site préhistorique datant du Paléolithique.
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Immagine Grotte du Lazaret: A Journey into Prehistory in Nice

Designated as a historical monument since 1963, the Lazaret Cave offers fascinating guided tours that allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the wonders of 3D. Located in Nice, this site provides a captivating experience deep within the cave, at the foot of Mont Boron. The 3D projection allows exploration of prehistory, unveiling the origins and evolution of the site dating back to the Paleolithic era.

During the visit, participants are immersed in the daily life of prehistoric humans, taking an immersive tour along a walkway that reveals the cave’s greatest secrets, from its geological history to contemporary excavations. The Lazaret Cave, situated at the foot of Mont Boron, narrates 70,000 years of human evolution in Nice, offering a unique opportunity to travel back to the prehistoric era.


The Grotte du Lazaret in Nice, classified as a historical monument since 1963, welcomes visitors eager to explore the ancient history of humanity. Inside, there are prehistoric artifacts that trace human evolution from 190,000 to 120,000 BC. With over a century of excavations, hundreds of thousands of objects have been unearthed, including human bones and animal remains such as panthers and deer, bearing signs of human craftsmanship. In total, 29 distinct archaeological levels have been identified.

This extraordinary visit is an invitation to travel through time, inspiring visitors to imagine the lives of their ancestors during that era. For a deeper immersion into this world, an exhibition hall dedicated to professions related to archaeology has been set up adjacent to the cave. The Grotte du Lazaret is located at Boulevard Franck Pilatte 33 bis in Nice.