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“The Giants of Ice” exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Until October 6th, the artist Michel Bassompierre will exhibit seven monumental works featuring polar bears and emperor penguins
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Immagine “The Giants of Ice” exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Polar bears and emperor penguins take center stage in the new exhibition ‘The Giants of Ice’ by Michel Bassompierre. With this exhibition, the Oceanographic Institute and the artist, in collaboration with the Bartoux Galleries, aim to inspire and raise awareness among visitors about the significant challenges facing polar regions. This temporary exhibition is part of the Oceanographic Institute’s Polar Mission program since 2022.

Seven impressive works by Michel Bassompierre, one of the most renowned contemporary animal sculpture artists, will come to life at the Oceanographic Museum and on its panoramic terrace. On this occasion, the sculptor unveils five new creations, specially made for the exhibition: four polar bears and one emperor penguin, each standing 3 meters tall. Additionally, original drawings and sketches are on display, accompanied by continuous screening of a film showcasing the artist’s work in the studio.