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Menton, filming underway for the movie ‘A Gift from God’: the other Michael Jackson

a film by Liana Marabini, an Italian producer and director residing in the Principality of Monaco.
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Immagine Menton, filming underway for the movie ‘A Gift from God’: the other Michael Jackson

Written and directed by filmmaker Liana Marabini, the film ‘A Gift From God’ aims to shed light on a virtually unknown aspect of the King of Pop, narrated in the film during a particular moment of his life, from 1982 to 1989, the era when hits like ‘Thriller,’ ‘Billie Jean,’ ‘Bad,’ and other major successes dominated the world charts…

‘A Gift From God’ is a compelling film that explores Michael Jackson’s deep connection with God. Beyond his iconic performances, the film delves into the man behind the music, revealing his spiritual journey and quest for a deeper connection with the divine.


Michael Jackson, a Christian, initially followed his mother’s faith as a Jehovah’s Witness. He was deeply passionate about the Bible, knew it by heart, and shared it with people he worked with, teaching them how to pray. For the first time, all of this is brought to light through the meticulous research done by Liana Marabini, who managed to gather testimonies from Jackson’s former colleagues on this matter. When he left the Jehovah’s Witnesses due to their strict and critical views on his art, Michael embarked on a personal spiritual journey. He explored the Torah, the Quran, and Eastern philosophies in search of a new spiritual path to soothe his soul. During the Bad tour in Rome in 1987, Jackson was drawn to the beauty of the Catholic liturgy after hearing Schubert’s Ave Maria in a Roman church. This experience ignited his interest in Catholicism. He was also a great admirer of Pope John Paul II, whom he called the ‘Beacon of light and hope for humanity,’ and to whom he dedicated a beautiful portrait (because Jackson was also a very talented painter), the image of which is revealed for the first time in a film by Marabini. ‘A Gift From God’ also delves into Jackson’s unrequited love for Diana Ross and his struggle with vitiligo, a condition that caused his skin to lighten, although the press and critics often misunderstood this disease that afflicted him until his death.

To portray the role of Michael, the young Italian-American actor Joshua Consigli was chosen from among 12 candidates. ‘I am happy that Joshua is portraying Michael with sensitivity and respect,’ stated Liana Marabini, ‘because it is important for me to show the spiritual aspect of this special artist, who spent much of his life suffering but who gave so much beauty, harmony, and joy to people; and who was unjustly accused but fortunately acquitted across the board. Unfortunately, everyone remembers the accusation, but few remember the acquittal. In addition to being a tribute to his talent, this film will also refresh people’s memory and rehabilitate his figure not only as a singer but as a man.’ ‘A Gift From God,’ continues the director, ‘takes the audience across continents, showing Michael’s interactions with different spiritual practices and his genuine respect for various religions. The film highlights his love for art, culture, and books, illustrating how these experiences influenced his art and his outlook on life. His love for classical music is also expressed through the film’s soundtrack, which is a mix of opera, Bach concerts, and the innovative pop symphony of French composer Jean-Marie Benjamin, who wrote it specifically for this film.’


The narration of ‘A Gift From God’ is enriched by rare footage of Michael expressing his thoughts on the divine, capturing its essence not only as a musical genius but also as a spiritual seeker who found a unique connection with God through the medium of his songs. Because Michael was not only an extraordinary entertainer but also a spiritual inspiration to those who worked with him. Just read the professional websites and interviews of his historical collaborators (Jennifer Batten, guitarist; Michael Bush, costume designer; Karen Faye, his makeup artist for decades, and others) and learn, thanks to their testimonies, how Michael prayed before each performance, offered Bibles as gifts, and how humbly he considered his talent a gift from God. He said: ‘Everything that has happened, from the biggest star in the sky to the smallest atom, is written in the Bible,’ or: ‘Everything is possible if God is on our side’; and also: ‘I simply believe in the Bible, and every night I kneel down and thank God and ask Him to show me the way.’ Additionally, director Liana Marabini studied the lesser-known aspects of Jackson’s life, focusing on his strong relationship with God and his desire to share his gifts. She explains his generosity as a result of his faith and his desire to emulate Jesus, refuting false accusations against him and emphasizing his pure love for children. According to Michael’s words: ‘I am trying to emulate Jesus in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be pure like children, and to make oneself innocent and to see the world with eyes of wonder and all the magical quality of all this.’

The cast also includes Carin McDonald as Katherine, Michael’s mother; Damon Pittman as the father; Rupert Wynne-James as Michael’s lawyer; Claudia de Candia as Elizabeth Taylor; Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli as the psychologist; Kim Boulukos as Grace, and others.


‘A Gift From God’: Synopsis

The story begins with Michael’s activity in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, then shows the artist’s interactions with various spiritual practices and his respect for different religions, highlighting how these experiences influenced his art and his outlook on life. The feature film also delves into Michael’s private moments of reflection and prayer, where he found solace in nature and contemplated the universal truths that connect humanity. Rare footage captures Michael expressing his thoughts on the divine, portraying him not only as a musical genius but also as a spiritual seeker who found a unique connection with God through melody. His collaborators come on stage as witnesses to his spiritual nature, recounting how he prayed before performances and considered his talent a gift from God. Ultimately, ‘A Gift From God’ paints a portrait of Michael Jackson as a man deeply connected to his spiritual roots despite his global fame.

Additionally, the film invites the audience to reflect on the influence that faith can have on personal success, as Michael’s spiritual legacy continues to spread worldwide.

The film is currently in production in southern France until mid-April and will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival.