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The South American Film Festival will take place from January 19 to 28, 2024.
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The second edition of the South American film festival, LA FIESTA DEL CINE, was born from the synergy between the Franco-Brazilian producer Eric Belhassen (Boca a Boca Productions) and the iconic cinemas in Nice, Le Variétés and Le Rialto.

The Festival

After the first edition, which gathered over 1000 spectators, Annabelle Berton, director of Cinema Variétés, Charlotte Echardour, director of Cinema Rialto, and Eric Belhassen, festival producer and director of Boca a Boca Productions, extend the adventure in 2024 with the second edition of Fiesta del Cine, from January 19 to 28, 2024.


Eight unpublished films from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico will be presented. Two new additions for this second edition enhance the programming: a short retrospective in homage to the Argentine actor Ricardo Darin and a collaboration with the Cinémathèque de Nice, which will present two films from its collection. It’s a journey through South American lands that the festival offers with the participation of directors (live from their countries) in competition, along with cultural activities related to gastronomy, music, and dance, discovering Latin American heritage.

January 19, 2024 – Opening Ceremony of Fiesta del Cine Starting at 7:00 PM, Cinema Variétés will kick off the festivities on January 19 with the screening of “Rebelión,” the biographical film about Colombian singer-composer Joe Arroyo. Director José Luis Rugeles, who will have the honor of participating in an exchange with the audience (live from Bogotá), will allow viewers to enjoy Latin American culinary flavors and an extraordinary dance and music show featuring the salsa groups Sabor Latino and Rebelión, to which the audience will be invited to participate!


Award-winning Films and Retrospectives Variétés and Rialto cinemas will have the honor of screening award-winning feature films from prestigious film festivals (Sundance, Un Certain Regard, São Paulo International Film…) in advance in Nice, along with a selection of retrospective films such as the 1985 Argentine thriller “L’Histoire officielle” and “Orfeu negro,” Palme d’Or in 1959, which will be presented at the Cinémathèque de Nice. This year also brings the films of Ricardo Darín, the legendary Argentine actor beloved by the French audience, which will be showcased in a unique evening at Cinema Variétés! On this occasion, “Les Nouveaux Sauvages,” a dark and unpredictable Argentine comedy, and “1985,” a drama in which Ricardo Darín plays the public prosecutor who pursued the perpetrators of crimes during the Argentine dictatorship, will be presented.

January 27, 2024 – Closing Ceremony of Fiesta del Cine The closing night on January 27 at Cinema Rialto will offer the highly anticipated preview of “They shot the piano player,” a South American and European production highlighting jazz and Bossa Nova! On this occasion, a Bossa Nova music and dance show will welcome the audience at 7:00 PM, and we will have the pleasure of awarding the coveted Audience Award Fiesta del Cine 2024 to the grand winner! The film that wins the trophy will have the opportunity to be screened again on January 28 at 5:00 PM at Cinema Rialto!



Festival Locations

Cinéma Le Rialto – 4 Rue Rivoli 06000 Nice (Tramway Line 2, Stop Alsace Lorraine Exit 1, then follow Musée Masséna.)

Cinéma Variétés – 5 Boulevard Victor Hugo 06000 Nice (Tramway Line 2, Stop Jean Médecin Exit 3, Tramway Line 1, Stop Jean Médecin)

Cinémathèque de Nice – Av. François Mitterrand, 06300 Nice (Tramway Line 2, Stop Vauban)


Cinéma Rialto and Variétés

€8.50 for all screenings, except for the opening and closing ceremonies on January 19 and 27, 2024. €12.00 for the opening and closing ceremonies on January 19 and 27. €75.00 for a non-nominative 10-entry card: entries can be used for any screening without supplements for ceremonies.


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