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Summer Events in Villefranche-sur-Mer

The summer 2024 program in Villefranche-sur-Mer is rich and varied.
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Immagine Summer Events in Villefranche-sur-Mer

The summer 2024 program in Villefranche-sur-Mer is incredibly rich, with a succession of events that will allow residents and tourists to enjoy moments of leisure almost daily.


Here is the presentation of the summer events calendar in the words of Monica Laugier, Adjointe Culture-Communication-Tourisme – Promotion de la Ville: “Ernest Hemingway wrote in 1964 that Paris was a feast. Sixty years later, he could undoubtedly affirm that, in turn, Villefranche is a feast!

You could be swept away by the exceptional concerts of the Nuits Musicales de la Citadelle, warmly applaud the shows of the Estivales or the actors of the Biagini, Citadell’Arte, and Versailles companies.


You would be amazed by the works of contemporary artists like Estrid Lutz or Benoît Barbagli.

The American writer would be fascinated by Brigitte Bardot, even in the retrospective exhibition dedicated to her.


And since Villefranche is truly a feast, you won’t miss dancing and singing along at one of its festivals: La Crème, Tremé Jazz-Fest, or Play Azur. You will share this celebration with your children, taking them to discover the world of Harry Potter.

You would find that Villefranche has not forgotten its traditional festivals that mark the whole summer: May, Saint-Grat, or Saint-Michel.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hemingway will not be able to enjoy everything the Municipality will organize this summer and until November, nor the contributions of the shopkeepers, restaurateurs, and hoteliers of Villefranche.

On the other hand… you can!

So we look forward to welcoming you all, whether you are residents of Villefranche or just passing through, to fully experience the summer season of 2024.

Let the celebrations begin!”

For the complete program, click here.