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Events of the Weekend of March 9th and 10th, 2024 in Menton

What to do on the weekend in Menton? Here are the events for the weekend in the Ville de Menton.
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Immagine Events of the Weekend of March 9th and 10th, 2024 in Menton

Weekend Events in Menton, Discover Them All!

Conference: NATO Under Discussion

Recent international events have spotlighted the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, demonstrating the importance of an institution dedicated to peace, stability, and security. This is an opportunity to present the Organization.


Established on April 9, 1949, NATO has always adapted to the needs of its time, showcasing its ability to respond to the security needs of France and the European continent more than ever. Additionally, on March 17, 2009, France became part of NATO’s Integrated Command, bringing several advantages to its Armed Forces. However, it also means addressing numerous issues that have made headlines in recent weeks.

Info: 06 83 10 71 29


“Whether You Want It or Not!” (Theater/Comedy)

Julien is the man every woman desires for his seductive qualities. He’s publicly recognized as such on dating sites. This role as a sex lover, or even a sex addict, suits him perfectly.

Disappointed by numerous one-night stands, Lise dedicates her life entirely to her medical work. There’s not even a crush on the horizon. Then one day, Julien, the heartbreaker, shows up at her practice. He needs her to get back in shape physically. Is he a stalker? Bipolar? Or is he truly suffering from a previously unknown illness? The absurdity of the situation could lead to the meeting of two deeply lonely souls.
Author: Jérôme Paquatte – Cast: Amaury Jansens – Laétitia Valstar.


Presented in the intimate setting of a former cinema with only 200 seats, classified as a heritage of the PACA region. Unnumbered seats, free seating based on category. Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the show. Remember to bring identification if you wish to continue the evening at the Menton Barrière Casino. Enjoy our “post-show” dinner at the special price of €23 at the Colombale restaurant (main course + dessert) with a choice of dishes marked with a star on the menu. To book, call 04 92 10 16 16

Exhibition “History of the Olympic Games in France”

In light of the 2024 Olympic Games, the Menton Municipal Library presents an exhibition.

The exhibition tells the story of the Games in France, with particular attention to local athletes. On display until March 16, 2024.

MAF Photographic Exhibition: They Are.

The 2023 program of the Contemporary Art Gallery concludes with a photographic exhibition on the work of photographer Maf in a nursing home and a work assistance institute for disabled adults.

We invite you to discover the perspective of a committed photographer on humanity, the viewpoint of these men and women about themselves after several months of work at the Foyer de la Madeleine in Nice in 2021 and then at ESATITUDE in Menton in 2023.

Location: Ground floor of the Palais de l’Europe Contemporary Art Gallery, 8 Avenue Boyer
Info and Reservations: 04 92 41 76 73
Guided Tour: Palais de Carnolès Garden

Surrounding the ancient Palace of the Princes of Monaco, the garden of the Palais de Carnolès boasts a collection of 137 citrus varieties approved as a National Collection by the Conservatoire des Collections Végétales spécialisées.

Location: Palais de Carnolès, 3 Avenue de la Madone
Info and Reservations: 04 83 93 70 20

Exhibition: “I Stay with You”

On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of Jean Cocteau’s death, the museum he conceived as a testament to his art is returning to its historical setting.

Jean Cocteau passed away on October 11, 1963, leaving behind a body of work as rich as it is incredibly diverse. The question of his legacy and the future of his art was one of the artist’s main concerns in his final years, and Menton provided the solution by offering him the Bastion to set up his museum.
In this showcase, decorated by Cocteau himself, he wanted to exhibit some of the most emblematic works of his dazzling career: colorful pastels, monumental tapestries, surprising paintings, and bold ceramics constitute the original collection of this true testament museum… Not to mention the famous series of “The Lovers”, drawings that perfectly embody the artist’s Mediterranean inspiration.
Sixty years after the death of the Prince of Poets, the Musée Jean Cocteau – le Bastion has returned to display his historic work, paying a vibrant tribute to his protective artist, echoing the words he wanted engraved on his tombstone: “Je reste avec vous” (“I stay with you”).

Location: Musée Jean Cocteau – le Bastion, Quai Napoléon III
Info and Reservations: 04 89 81 52

Visit and Tasting of Menton Craft Beers

Looking for a unique experience in the world of craft beer? Come discover La Mentounasc, the first Menton brewery! On the agenda: guided tour, immersion into the world of zythology, and tasting of our lemon…

La Mentounasc is the story of Alexis, Rémi, and Anthony, three friends passionate about beer and their region who decided to dive into the world of craft beers and participate in this rapidly expanding sector. Are you curious and do you enjoy beer? Come share a moment of conviviality with us!
On the agenda: guided tour of the brewery, immersion into the world of zythology, and free tasting of our solar beers.
Menton IGP Lemon, Orange Blossom, Lime, our beers with their subtle and balanced aromas will make you share a moment of freshness from the Mentonnais region.

Prerequisites: Tasting is reserved for those over 18 years old.

Location: La Mentounasc – Artisan Brewery, 13 Route de Sospel
Info and Reservations: 06 58 14 69

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