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Damiani: 100×100 Italiani: The exclusive exhibition celebrating the centenary of the jewelry Maison.

From March 19 to April 28, 2024, at the Gallerie d'Italia in Milan.
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Immagine Damiani: 100×100 Italiani: The exclusive exhibition celebrating the centenary of the jewelry Maison.

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Guido, Silvia, and Giorgio Damiani, the third generation of the family that owns the eponymous jewelry maison DAMIANI, born in 1924 in Valenzastill the current headquarters – celebrate with an exclusive exhibition the hundred years of mastery, creativity, history, and family passion.


The exhibition, curated by Alba Cappellieri, Full Professor in Jewelry Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan, will be open to the public at the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan from March 19 to April 28, 2024.


For this Centenary, the Damiani family has chosen to share with the public a precious collection of extremely rare stones, true natural works of art with an extraordinary history, which are given new life through a masterful act of creation by the goldsmith masters of Valenza, guardians of the “craft” since 1924. The result is a collection of one hundred authentic jewelry masterpieces, which testify to the continuity of a unique and unrepeatable artisan tradition, but with a vocation open to the future. The exceptional story of these one hundred masterpieces becomes a tribute to the heritage of the Damiani family, an invitation to immerse oneself in a dimension suspended between eternal beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.

The exhibition presents 100 masterpieces, considered as the sum of 100 years of Damiani’s history, and described through five values of Italian identity: family, represented by the Damiani family, who narrate the story of three generations of jewelers in the video, but also the dreams, love, and successes that have led to this milestone; mastery, interpreted by the Mimosa collection; creativity, expressed by the Margherita collection; history, defined by the Belle Époque collection; passion, illustrated by the Fantasy Cut collection.


Mastery, creativity, history, Italian passion, and family.

Damiani’s story is that of an Italian family that preserves a precious knowledge, strongly linked to tradition: that of creating jewels that are true works of art, unique and artisanal, handmade by the Valenza master goldsmiths. And it is precisely in Valenza – the goldsmith district that more than any other upholds the image of precious Made in Italy worldwide – that the Maison was born a century ago, and three generations have succeeded to this day. This journey begins with the founder, grandfather Enrico, who, thanks to his skills as a master goldsmith, becomes a reference point for the world of traditional jewelry and for the noblest families, who rely on him for the creation of their most exclusive treasures. Enrico is succeeded by his son Damiano, a great creative mind and pioneer, who senses the need to renew tradition. He thus paves the way for profound change, characterized by an innovative thrust that also influences the design of jewelry, opening up to new trends and becoming more sought after, attracting an increasingly international audience. The torch then passes into the hands of Damiano’s three children – Guido, Silvia, and Giorgio – who choose to continue the Maison’s evolutionary path. Immersed since childhood in an enchanted and precious world that has shaped them to an ideal of style and beauty uniquely Italian, the three siblings interpret Damiani’s history of excellence with the inherent innovative spirit. Today, Damiani stands out in the jewelry landscape for its peculiarities: it is the only truly Valenzan international reality, still present today in the region of origin, of which it nurtures great respect. A reality born as a creator, designer, and producer of precious items, which has become one of the greatest names in international luxury thanks to its art and mastery.

Damiani: 2024 the year of the centenary

Damiani pays tribute to a century of history, a story of family, mastery, creativity, and passion. All values that make Italy a unique country in the world and that the Damiani family has always cherished and protected. In this extraordinary anniversary, the Maison chooses to share with the world the richness of a century of experiences and savoir-faire. It is a tribute to Italian excellence that Damiani has been able to embody through the unmistakable style that permeates all its creations, which are authentic works of art. It is a journey through time, honoring the genius that shaped them, the mastery that turned them into masterpieces, and the passion that guided their creation. Each jewel thus becomes a living testimony to a century of dedication and craftsmanship.


Exhibition “Damiani: 100×100 Italians”

from March 19 to April 28, 2024

at the Gallerie d’Italia, Milan