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Acli Terra in the Principality of Monaco with the event “Officine dei sensi – filiera risicola e trasformato ittico”

Équivoque Rooftop Bar - Thursday, March 7, 2024, at 4:00 PM "Being stylists of taste." Producers, biologists, agronomists, and high-level chefs, with the Italian Ambassador to the Principality as a guest.
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Immagine Acli Terra in the Principality of Monaco with the event “Officine dei sensi – filiera risicola e trasformato ittico”

The next international event of Acli Terra, “Officine dei sensi, filiera risicola e trasformato ittico,” will take place in the Principality of Monaco, organized in collaboration with the rooftop bar Équivoque.

On Thursday, March 7, 2024, starting from 4:00 PM on the refined terrace of Équivoque, overlooking Porto Hercules in the center of the Principality, a productive teamwork aims to highlight the importance and high quality of two significant Italian agri-food sectors: Vercelli rice and Tyrrhenian fish products.


The event will focus on the sought-after pink rice from the Vercelli area, represented by Acli Terra-associated companies, in refined gastronomic combinations, as well as cocktails with Tyrrhenian fish. The prestigious IGP Annurca Apple from Campania will also be highlighted.



Through this new meeting – both in-person and online on Acli Terra’s social media – promoting and enhancing products from Italy abroad, with a dedicated workshop and showcooking, Acli Terra brings together producers, biologists, agronomists, and chefs in a teamwork setting, believing in the need for a synergistic and convergent action of talents and skills from various professions.


The Christian-inspired professional association that protects and promotes rural and maritime operators gathers, in this Monaco event, experiences and representatives from all over Italy, including the aforementioned rice companies from Vercelli for Piedmont; the cooperative “I pescatori di Orbetello” from Tuscany; chefs from “La bocca di Roma” for Lazio and the Capital; and chefs from “Masseria San Rocco” from Campania. And, of course, the Italian creators and managers of Équivoque with their chefs and bartenders.

The Ambassador of Italy to the Principality of Monaco, Giulio Alaimo, will be a guest at this new Acli Terra event, “Officine dei sensi, filiera risicola e trasformato ittico,” and will participate with the National President of Acli Terra, Nicola Tavoletta, and the managers of Équivoque, Daniele Losquadro, Pasquale Buonanno, and Nicola Buratto.

The program will begin at 4:00 PM with a workshop featuring biologist Claudio Brinati, agronomist Pasquale Galdieri, cooperative president Pierluigi Piro from “I pescatori di Orbetello,” and manager Alice Laurent. Following at 5:00 PM is the showcooking with Emanuele Federici, chef of “La bocca di Roma”; Antonio Troise and Germano Parisi, chefs of “Masseria San Rocco.” At 6:00 PM, there will be a Mixology class with Buonanno and Buratto, Équivoque managers.

“This event in the Principality of Monaco is part of Acli Terra’s commitment to transform our members from ‘tailors into stylists.’ In our case, into true ‘stylists of taste,’ similar to the evolution of Italian textiles, the Made in Italy. It is another positive action to be carried out also for the agri-food sector, representing the excellence of Italian products and taste at the national and international levels,” emphasizes Acli Terra President Nicola Tavoletta.

The media partner is the Montecarlo Times.