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The first Monte-Carlo Acting Academy of the Principality of Monaco is about to launch.

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Immagine The first Monte-Carlo Acting Academy of the Principality of Monaco is about to launch.

by Eleonora Poggio

The Principality of Monaco now has its first Monte-Carlo Acting Academy, conceived and founded by Gabriele Greggio.

“Since I was a child, the flaw of stuttering, which now comes and goes, has never left me. However, thanks to acting studies and the techniques taught to me, I managed to overcome this limitation and improve. I studied in London, New York, and Los Angeles, always with group techniques that taught me to work on breathing, body, and voice to find my rhythm, overcome my insecurities and shyness. I want everyone to have the opportunity to try what they desire without negative thoughts, without fears, and without prejudices, in an Academy that allows them to bring out their best.”

Thus, Gabriele Greggio, a professional actor and son of the renowned host, actor, producer, and director Ezio Greggio, explains how the idea of founding the Monte-Carlo Acting Academy came to be. The academy, officially opening its doors on Monday, January 8th, is located in the Principality of Monaco, within a room at Conscientiae in the Port Hercule.

Passion for acting and stuttering prompted Gabriele Greggio to go beyond, proving that sometimes a limitation can become a strength. Monte-Carlo Acting Academy offers the opportunity for both children and adults, he explains, “to be part of a group, firstly, of people who want to try acting without being afraid of making mistakes. I will be the teacher because I want each participant – there will be four classes divided by age groups from 6 years old and up to the masterclass for over 18s – to have the opportunity to be themselves and explore, through these group techniques, the world of cinema and acting. They can prepare to work in this world or simply attend the courses to learn to make mistakes, accepting errors because, as they say, ‘making mistakes is the way to learn more.'”

Gabriele Greggio is kind and tenacious, enthusiastic and engaging. He continues, “I want to share my joy for teaching by trying to bring out that light that each participant has, that hope that each of us should have. Perhaps someone has said at times, ‘But if you stutter, do you want to be an actor?!’ This should not happen. I have been fortunate with my family, and dad Ezio gives me advice and supports me every day in this adventure, urging me to do well; that’s why I feel like offering a space with the Academy where everyone can work on their insecurities, traumas, with the certainty of finding understanding, but above all, having a ‘safe space’ where you are not judged and can do your best.”

With three films set to be released this year, Gabriele Greggio, who has always lived in Monte Carlo, emphasizes, “I grew up in the Principality, and here is home for me. Monaco is rich in diverse cultures, which is why I thought of starting from here and conducting classes in English, although not excluding French or Italian. I wanted to start my first Academy here because, in addition to my family, I found a guardian angel in Monaco, my girlfriend Carla Ballerio, who has given me a great hand, and she has always been close to me (smiles).”

Gabriele Greggio is practical and will not set aside his acting career to teach. On the contrary, he adds, “I will have auditions in England, but I will know in time and can organize the Academy to be present, or in case I have to be absent, my team will continue.” Monte-Carlo Acting Academy is ready. The classes, lasting an hour and a half, will be organized in the afternoon from 4:30 pm onwards, and at the end of each cycle, which can last two or six weeks, there will be demonstrative shows. Gabriele Greggio explains, “I specify that for the final show, if someone wishes, they can do it in their own language, and if they don’t feel ready, they can postpone it.” An ambitious and commendable project, also from the perspective of social inclusion. Gabriele Greggio proves up to the task because good blood doesn’t lie. Classes are already almost full, but he smiles gently, inviting people to register because “the more, the better.”

So, registrations are open by writing to or on the website

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