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“Out-of-the-walls” meeting of the Prince Pierre Foundation: full house for GELUCK at the Palais des Académies in Brussels

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Immagine “Out-of-the-walls” meeting of the Prince Pierre Foundation: full house for GELUCK at the Palais des Académies in Brussels

As part of its “off-site” conferences and for its first in Brussels, the Prince Pierre Foundation invited Philippe GELUCK on Thursday, March 28th at 7:00 p.m. at the Palais des Académies. In collaboration with the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium and with the support of the Embassy of Monaco in Belgium, “the man with the cat head” opened up about his artistic journey and the passion that still drives him at 70 years old. When you are fortunate enough to be born into a family that loves the arts, you generally only have the option of dedicating your life to artistic creation. Through a conference richly illustrated with photos, drawings, and videos, Philippe Geluck retraced his journey from birth to the present day. Cartoonist, actor, sculptor, Geluck shared with the audience his characteristic good humor, with a lot of humor and sincerity: “I think that if it is difficult to draw about happiness, drawing about serious or sarcastic topics can bring happiness. I believe that laughter is beneficial and that when we are not feeling well, sometimes looking at humorous drawings can help us feel better.” The artist also revisited his project of the Cat and Humor Drawing Museum, which was supposed to be inaugurated in 2019 but is experiencing a significant delay (opening postponed to 2026): “This museum was born from various desires, always from sharing, but also from exhibitions that apparently pleased the public.” He will explain that “the goal is to be eclectic, diverse, varied, and constantly renewed. That is, it will not be a static museum where I suddenly put two hundred works (…). I have thousands of documents at my disposal, twenty thousand original drawings, dozens of canvases and perhaps even more than that, smaller format sculptures, manuscripts, ancient watercolors, projects, realized projects, unrealized projects, etc. (…). There will be rooms dedicated to colleagues in the field because it is the museum of cat and humor drawing.

Next conferences: In Monaco: Eva JOSPIN (plastic artist), Monday, April 15th, 6:30 p.m., Théâtre des Variétés. “Off-site”: Philippe DESCOLA (anthropologist), Thursday, May 16th, 7:00 p.m., Maison de la Poésie in Paris.


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