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Official release of the double album by the Prince’s Carabinieri Orchestra

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Immagine Official release of the double album by the Prince’s Carabinieri Orchestra

During the Gala Evening of the Prince’s Carabinieri Orchestra on March 7th, the new musical album was presented in the form of a double vinyl. This project, from its inception in 2022, was supported by Mrs. Françoise GAMERDINGER, Director of Cultural Affairs, and Mr. Jean-Charles CURAU, president of SOGEDA. This album aimed primarily at preserving the Monegasque musical heritage and revolves around four sides:

  • Disk 1 Side A: Monegasque military ceremonial
  • Disk 1 Side B: Conservation of intangible heritage
  • Disk 2 Side C: Tribute to Prince RAINIER III
  • Disk 2 Side B: Extract from the 2024 musical repertoire

Taking advantage of the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Prince RAINIER III, this project was enriched with contemporary works from that period and a poem handwritten by Prince RAINIER, discovered in the archives of the Prince’s Palace by the conductor, Major DREAN. Named “Piccola citta,” this work was premiered during the concert. For the protocol part and the “a cappella” recording of the Monegasque national anthem, the orchestra received support from Mrs. Karyn ARDISSON-SALOPEK to ensure the correct pronunciation.


This double vinyl was recorded in two phases, October 2022 and March 2023, in the cinema of the Prince’s Palace by the company Syde & Sound Paris and mixed at the Ferber studio in Paris. With the obtained sound quality, it only remained to find the visual for the cover artwork. In this regard, the Directorate of Cultural Affairs selected and sponsored the artist Anthony ALBERTI to create an artwork related to the themes addressed and the Prince’s Carabinieri Company.


“When Mrs. Françoise GAMERDINGER, Director of Cultural Affairs, contacted me for a project regarding the Prince’s Carabinieri, my curiosity was piqued: how to create a work that represents the essence of this military unit in a single representation? So, I decided to proceed as usual, asking for a multitude of materials, objects, instruments, and other decorations, which are part of the daily life of these honorable men serving a common cause: Honor, Fidelity, and Devotion. Following exchanges with Lieutenant Colonel Martial PIED and Major Olivier DREAN, I suggested creating an open eye towards a common direction. The idea was well received, and it was proposed that the eye would be that of the Corps Commander, his vision being that followed by the Company. So, we created some images and portraits of Lieutenant Colonel Martial PIED, and then I delved into all the materials and substances charged with history and meaning that were entrusted to me. From then on, the representation of the work spontaneously revealed itself to me; all that remained was to find the means to implement this image. Each detail of the work is a nod and reference to these honorable men,” explains the artist.

The vinyl is not intended for sale, but a download link on the carabinieri website ( is available for all official protocol parts on the Orchestra’s page.