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Design week 2024 Love is a Typo

From April 15th to 21st, from 10 am to 7 pm, at Studio Delvis srl, located at via Fatebenefratelli 9, 20121 Milan
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Immagine Design week 2024 Love is a Typo

Design week 2024 Love is a Typo from April 15th to 21st from 10 am to 7 pm at StudioDelvis srl via Fatebenefratelli 9, 20121 Milan

Love is a Typo is the artistic narrative by Delvis Unlimited for Design Week 2024.


An immersive experience paying homage to the artist Robert Janitz, whose abstract paintings have captivated museum audiences worldwide.

Delvis Unlimited thus supports the theme of Material Nature proposed by Fuorisalone.


Promoting a culture of conscious and sustainable design.

The search for harmony, stability, and proportionality of forces and elements mutually compensate and lead to aesthetic uniqueness.


This is the intuition with which Delvis Unlimited expresses its new Milanese space, in the heart of the Brera Design District, where design trends are experimented with in combination with art.

Matteo Cibic – creative director of the brand – entrusts the visual narrative of Design Week 2024 to the artist Robert Janitz of König Galerie.

Known for his large abstract paintings on monochromatic backgrounds, <3 is a Typo, Love is a Typo, is the series in which the German artist, now based in Mexico City, explores the development of written language from linear structures to more complex and curved forms, drawing parallels with the evolution of life.

The exhibited paintings resemble characters of unknown languages, conveying a message of love and harmony, despite their enigmatic nature. Perspectives in which the use of colors, shapes, and creative concepts integrate artistic elements and express emotions. <3 is a Typo is a profound and complex emotion. A powerful force that binds and connects.

Reinterpret. Experiment. “One color, one room, one unique piece.”

Now it’s an immersive experience, where a canvas by Robert Janitz unfolds on the upholstery of the Slope line by Delvis Unlimited, designed by Andrea Steidl. A unique piece, like a work of art, where the nuances of Janitz’s talent – characterized by the authenticity of oil pigments mixed with wax and flour – are combined with meticulous jacquard processing in five different colors, recreating the chromatic richness of the artist’s brushstrokes.

Delvis Unlimited engages in dialogue, sharing the same reflections posed by Fuorisalone, which proposed the theme “Material Nature.”

The preference for raw materials and the ability to use matter are expressions of a creative dialogue that bridges artists, designers, and artisans.

“Art and design challenge each of our comfort zones. That’s why both coexist in the limbo of <3 is a Typo. Design fascinates me,” declares Robert Janitz, who has designed some minimalist pasture benches in concrete – “I think it simultaneously lives in the future and the past. While art is only lived in the present.” – Robert Janitz, artist at König Galerie.

“Delvis has always had a connection with art, making its projects unique with unconventional materials, so the collaboration with Robert Janitz, whose material brushstrokes have been meticulously woven into the iconic upholstery designed by Andrea Steidl, and the depth of his saturated colors in an immersive installation, was natural,” says Matteo Cibic, Creative Director of Delvis Unlimited.

“Combining design and Italian craftsmanship with Italian and international art is the challenge I set myself with Delvis Unlimited. From my passion for art, for Italian manufacturing expression of a culture that represents today the excellence of Made in Italy, arises the idea of creating a constructive and productive dialogue capable of realizing unique pieces, unique over time,” says Stefano Del Vecchio, CEO of Delvis Unlimited.

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