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The Stella Maris Festival of Cros de Cagnes

Domenica 2 giugno 2024. Here is the program.
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Immagine The Stella Maris Festival of Cros de Cagnes

At Cros de Cagnes, it’s time for the Fête de Stella Maris, a traditional festival dedicated to the sea and fishermen.

On Sunday, June 2, 2024, the program includes a maritime parade with around ten boats and a procession on foot. Participants will move from the port to the Saint-Pierre church.


The choirs “Alliance” and “Atelier 55Z” will perform traditional songs along the route to the church square, and inside the church, there will be accordion, saxophone, and clarinet performances.

The celebration will conclude with a toast offered in front of the church.


Dear to the peoples of the Mediterranean, Mary is the protective and consoling mother, and her devotion spreads throughout the Mediterranean basin thanks to the strong bond that unites her with sailors.

The Latin expression Stella Maris, meaning “Star of the Sea,” represents guidance for sailors through the immensity of the oceans.


For this reason, the fishing village of Cros-de-Cagnes celebrates Saint-Pierre, their protector.

The Fête de Stella Maris is an occasion to perpetuate the traditions of “May,” and it is “Stella Maris” that closes this period with a traditional festival that is both nautical, terrestrial, and popular.

Here is the program:

5:40 PM – Meeting at Port du Cros

5:50 PM – Departure of the pedestrian procession

6:15 PM – Arrival of the procession on the beach in front of the Église Saint-Pierre du Cros.

The celebration of the Mass and the distribution of the aperitif will follow.