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The first edition of the CHOKOLASHOW in the Principality of Monaco

CHOKOLASHOW, not just chocolate - May 9th from 10:00 AM
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Immagine The first edition of the CHOKOLASHOW in the Principality of Monaco

The first edition of CHOKOLASHOW takes place in the prestigious Riva Tunnel, located just a few steps from the Hercule Port of Monaco, on May 9th. Coordinated by the Monaco International Hub association and sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Monaco, the event aims to highlight the creativity of young artists invited to sculpt blocks of chocolate. This year’s theme, to which they will have to draw inspiration for their sculptures, is a selection of single-seaters competing in the Historic Monaco Grand Prix. But generosity will not be lacking, as the ephemeral sculptures will have an admirer or collector who will become their owner after being auctioned off to benefit eight charitable associations in the Principality of Monaco.

The morning of May 2nd saw the ceremony for the delivery of the 8 blocks of chocolate (each weighing 12 kg) assigned to as many students from the School of Plastic Arts of Monaco (Pavillon Bosio) and from the Academy of Fine Arts of Sanremo, participants in the first edition of Chokolashow. During the event, at the request of the Monaco International Hub association, chaired by journalist Maria Bologna, each of the attending students drew their card corresponding to the model of car competing in the upcoming Historic Monaco Grand Prix, which they must use as inspiration. Among Chokolashow’s missions is also to transform into art, through themes interpretable with chocolate, the main iconic events of the host country, while simultaneously putting it at the service of charitable associations. All 8 participants in Chokolashow and the artist Caroline Bergonzi – chosen as a professional Monegasque artist to create a non-competitive composition – have until the afternoon of May 8th to create their sculptures, which will be exhibited on May 9th as part of the setup hosted within the prestigious Riva Tunnel. Open to the public from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (free entry), this first edition of Chokolashow offers visitors the chance to appreciate not only workshops and ‘chocolatey’ tastings – including those offered by Claudio Rossi who, for the occasion, has created 4 chocolate sorbets with single-origin cocoa, 2 ice creams made with 2 other types of cocoa and 2 types of chocolate, the Gold (caramel) and the Rum -, but also to admire the sculptures destined that same evening – starting from 8:00 pm – for sale at auction by Wannenes. Other tasty chocolate workshops are also expected. Furthermore, each work, at 8:00 pm on the same evening of May 9th, is matched, again by draw, to one of the 8 Monegasque charitable associations that will benefit from the proceeds of the auction organized by Wannenes Art Contact. Finally, the work that will receive the most appreciation from the representatives of these associations (Les Enfants de Frankie, Action Innocence, Passion Sea, Fight Aids Monaco, MAP, AMAPEI, Association de Bienfaisance Eugenio Benedetti Gaglio, Société protectice des animaux), from the members of the Monaco International Hub, from the partners, and from other personalities participating in the initiative, will be awarded the Chokolashow trophy, also made of chocolate, by the artist Belinda Bussotti. According to the organizers of Chokolashow and the creator of the format, Maria Bologna, the initiative, since its first edition, offers a ‘creative’ opportunity to young artists who want to express themselves through a new material, namely compressed chocolate scraps into a single block, plastic and malleable, and, by coordinating with an auction house for the sale of the works, manage to contribute to the cause and projects carried out with courage and seriousness by associations that have been employing human and financial resources for years to alleviate suffering, but also to help and assist those who truly need it.


To participate in the Chokolashow auction, please contact or call +377 607935629.