Pubblicato il 28 March 2024 da Redazione in Events, Monaco

JB Moundélé Quartet at La Note Bleue in Monaco

The exclusive concert is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3rd.
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Immagine JB Moundélé Quartet at La Note Bleue in Monaco

Exceptional concert by JB Moundélé Quartet at La Note Bleue in Monaco on April 3rd. This extraordinary performance captures the essence of JB Moundélé’s African experience, a musician who spends several months immersed in the roots of his culture each year.

Most notably known as the saxophonist for the renowned Tiken Jah Fakoly, an indispensable figure in the Ivorian reggae scene, JB Moundélé has skillfully woven his compositions into a sonic universe reminiscent of the great John Coltrane, thus creating a bridge between traditional African music and the universality of jazz.


The use of acoustic sound, along with the instinct and spontaneity that characterize musical sessions in the vibrant atmosphere of Bamako or Kinshasa, gives this work a unique and engaging charm.

Through the theme ‘Afrotrane,’ JB Moundélé and his quartet offer the audience a magnificent blend of these influences, transporting spectators on a sonic journey that celebrates the richness and diversity of African musical traditions, mixed with the powerful language of contemporary jazz.