Pubblicato il 18 March 2024 da Redazione in Cannes

Cannes Murals: the 21st is dedicated to Guy de Maupassant

one of the greatest French writers. The artwork is located at Rue Louis Blanc 28.
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Immagine Cannes Murals: the 21st is dedicated to Guy de Maupassant

Another grand mural has appeared on the walls of Cannes: at Rue Louis Blanc 28, a tribute to Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893), one of the greatest French writers and to his works adapted for cinema, has been inaugurated.

The mural is located right in front of the “Chalet de l’Isère,” which was one of his last residences.


After the portraits of Jean-Paul Belmondo and the one dedicated to the film “A Man and a Woman,” Guy de Maupassant’s mural is the twenty-first painted mural in the city. These monumental works celebrate iconic scenes or famous actors in all neighborhoods of the city.


It is a choice of the municipal administration, led by David Lisnard, aiming to extend access to art and culture to as many people as possible to improve the quality of life for residents, support creativity, and strengthen Cannes’ attractiveness by nurturing its identity.

This is the twenty-first realization of the Fresco Plan, which serves three purposes: embellishing buildings, cultivating the city’s identity by painting facades with portraits of famous actors and films, and enhancing Cannes’ tourist appeal as these shots are featured worldwide.


Here is the list and location of the 21 murals in Cannes:

  • Cinéma Cannes, Place Cornut-Gentille/ 2 quai Saint-Pierre
  • Charlie Chaplin “Le Kid,” 10 bd Vallombrosa Hôtel de la Plage,
  • “Les vacances de M. Hulot,” 7 rue Saint-Dizier
  • Trompe l’oeil “Le Barbarella,” Place du Suquet, 16 rue Saint-Dizier
  • L’envers du décor, 7 rue des Suisses
  • Buster Keaton “Le Caméraman,” 29 boulevard Victor Tuby
  • Gérard Philipe “Fanfan la Tulipe,” 3 boulevard Victor Tuby
  • Le 7e art, Place du 18 juin
  • Marylin Monroe, 16-boulevard d’Alsace Harold Lloyd
  • “Safety Last,” 9 rue Louis Brailles
  • Les baisers de cinéma, Boulevard de la République
  • Cannes movie car museum, Parking Berthelot-ex Diabolika
  • La leçon de Piano de Jane Campion, Pont Alexandre III
  • Pulp Fiction de Quentin Tarantino, Pont Alexandre III
  • Alain Delon “Plein Soleil,” Avenue Francis Tonner
  • 20 000 lieues sous les mers, Passage Pierre Sémard
  • Les demoiselles de Rochefort, Parking Migno à République
  • Jean-Paul Belmondo, 7 rue Jean-Jaurès
  • Taxi Driver, Boulevard de la République 87
  • A Man and a Woman, 150 avenue Michel Jourdan
  • Guy de Maupassant, Rue Louis Blanc 28